I have to admit, that I haven't thought about Soul mates in quite a long time -(Yes, shame on me!) Being busy traveling the world, being a photographer, attending exciting social events in the crazy city of Berlin, doing Yoga and loads of sports, maintaining my relations to my amazing family and friends all over the world… going thru brief periods of dating here and there, dealing with my own and other peoples issues, feeling happy and fulfilled doing what I do and how I do it.

I am very self-reflective, and the saying: "It always takes two to tango" is the first thing that I have in mind, when I'm getting myself into an unfavorable situation. I am very supportive, forgiving, gentle and positive with the people around me - I always try to help, listen, advise, provide and give, no matter what.
Every situation that is hard on me, I take on gladly as a personal challenge to grow and overcome my own limits. I never get angry, pissed or yelling anymore. I try to take responsibility for my own actions and words, I try to choose my words wisely and to be conscious about my thoughts and feelings. I take it even one step further: I don't fight anymore. (I know I sound holy now, but that's who I try to be, sometimes more and sometimes less successful. Saving my energy for important stuff that actually matters, not wasting it for instance on yelling in traffic, nursing grudges, making others feel guilty,… and all that nonsense.)

Doing all this, being really busy, but happy I realized today, that I long for one other person that does and thinks the same as I do.
Yes, of course I have Soul mates around me, but no one on the same level and the same quest at the same time.
Right now I'm a left side boot, pairing up, with right side high heel, a ballerina, an UGG boot and a flip flop.
My mom would be my absolute soulmate, and my brother, my best friends Katy and Jenny - I am mating souls with my entire indian family (love them dearly, they are so genuine and amazing they make me proud to be part of this family every minute I spend with them.)

On the one hand, I am not sure if I should feel guilty for "forgetting", on the other hand I also know that you can't look for a Soul mate. He or she will just stand in front of you very unexpected at a ridiculous place and a strange time. My theory with soulmate encounters is that they have to be off (at least a bit) in time, place and space, because it makes it easier for us to recognize them. I also believe that we have to earn those encounters.

What makes you know that you have met a Soul mate?
You just know it, because something will be different. The intensity of connection will also be on another level.
No matter of if you have a romantic interest in the person or not, alone their physical presence will have a strong impact on you; in my opinion the pure thought of the Soul mate will make you feel very calm, structured, everything makes sense, it even helps you to make decisions that you weren't able to get your head around a minute before you met them. From one second to another, you feel the strong urge to become a better person. Everything makes more sense. Everything.

Oh, and VERY important! Some people might think that every person has only one soulmate in their life! NO! Not true! That would be dreadful. As dreadful, as the thought that you have only one big love in your life. Also NO!
We meet people on so many different levels of love and friendship… think of it,
every "falling in love" is different to all the other "falling in loves" before. Every love feels different. Some people you meet and you immediately want to commit to, others you love so much for so long but you could never ever completly commit to….

I'm still lost in my thoughts for now, and I leave you to yours.