Lost in travels, in space and in my desires...

Remember, that I was writing about Truly Belonging last week in New York. Truly belonging is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced.
America is the country that repeatedly makes me feel that I belong.
It is almost like being high... walking around with a silly grin on my face. Just feeling happy, lucky, everything makes sense, inspires me, gets me, makes me a better person.
Every step I take lets me discover something new, someone new, and every discovery is like a puzzle piece adding to my idea of my ideal.
Talking about my ideal, ... Our ideals.

In order to live happy and fulfilled lives, we have to stick to our ideals. There is no way things are happening for you when you inconsequent. Or cheating yourself, excusing yourself.

You can think positive in the most un-f******-believable way, motivate others, be kind, forgiving and always loving, but if you cheat yourself or if you are inconsequent you are not only cheating yourself in that little matter, you are cheating yourself all the damn way.

The measure of how constant things are happening for you and on what level you can create your life, is how consequently you are following your own rules. Break your rules and you are just turning into that donkey following the carrot, dangling eternally in front of your nose, making your mouth water.

I'm sitting in the plane, flying back from a date in Barcelona, two days after I got back from 2,5 weeks of New York. Both was beautiful, but I have the feeling, parts of my soul are lost in space or maybe still in New York, refusing to fully return to me.

I am missing New York and the people in it, I miss its drive and inspiration - I miss the impact it has on me, I miss my Moksha Yoga studio.

(no Moksha Yoga in Berlin) I miss one of my best friends Daniela and her little cat boy Scheissie dearly.

Berlin, don't get me wrong, I'm not cheating on you, I love you very passionately it's just a different love - I would never completely leave you, never abandon you. Being in the air and in no defined city at the moment, listening to Max Richter's -Vivaldi- Recomposed 4 Seasons, Summer 2, I'm feeling lost in space, travels and my own desires.

How abstract is the thought to be lost in my own desires. What do I do?
According to myself, I have to make up my mimd, decide on my future wish, act appropriately, be consequent, and things will fall into places.
This will turn into a documented self experiment, good night friends,
wish me luck, lets see what happens.