Dear life - challenge accepted!

No matter what and how we do, more or less frequently - life confronts us with personal challenges.

I would say that most of those challenges are a test from ourselves to ourselves to see how our personal development is really progressing. 

It is, was it is; we can think all we want, that how good we can deal with situations, how much we have grown, how calm, superior, strong and self-refelexive we are -  but the truth is, that we can only see how much that is the case, if we get into a situation way beyond our comfort zone, where we are challenged to show ourselves if we have not only theoretically grown, but also practically.

The saying: "only if you cross your boundaries, you will be able to become better"     (it's a German saying, but I guess you all can understand…) is very appropriate.

For instance, last weekend I went to a Black Metal concert, it was a great evening, we had a blast, took tons of pictures with our iPhones, until someone "head banged" my new iPhone out of my hand. On the flood, screen cracked. Damnit!

Oh well, I picked it up, looked at it, shrugged my shoulders and continued having fun. 

You know that I always preach to everyone: "Don't get upset when you can't change it"… and "Getting upset and angry just makes everything worse, you are just getting other people worked up too, …and think what the the snowball effect of negative energy will do to you…" and specially: "Will this matter a year from now?" - if not, forget it and save your energy for something that is actually worth it!!!

So I really couldn't be bothered of my screen to be broken. It is fixable and cost 90 Euros, stupid, but shit happens. And it's only money. Plus I have proudly discovered about myself, that I am actually capable to follow my own advice not only in theory, but also in practice. 

So good so far - Dear life - challenge accepted, task fulfilled and managed- proud of myself. Especially that I really wasn't bothered about the phone. Really not. 

But then the other challenges came upon me. The ones where you can be all the developed and composed, in control, positive, brave and supportive you want, but even with all that, you can not change the situation. 

You can not change the f****** situation. You can only distribute strength and positiveness, support and love. And that's it. That's all there is. And that's a case where you can answer the question: "Will this matter in a year from now?", with yes!

I have to admit, that I have't come upon a challenge like this in a while. *Sigh*

What happened was the following: At the same weekend, my cat Pimpie started to have the cat flu (can be fatal for kittens) and also a heart condition, and our dog Marley had to go to hospital for what first looked like a stomach flu…. which turned into an emergency surgery because they have found a dog shoe in his stomach (he had to wear because he was biting his paw) that went missing 3 weeks ago! Not bad enough, the damage from the shoe was so bad, that the vet said, she doesn't know if he will survive. Less then a 50% chance. A three and a half year old dog. Who ate a doggy shoe. Really?!? Dear life, hows that fair? Is that really a challenge you have to put upon us? We are good people, we help, we are generous and positive, we love and support…. Seriously. 

I mean, of course I'm learning from this situation, mostly it's the "gratitude-lessons". Don't take anything or anyone for granted, don't take health for granted, appreciate and be grateful for what you have, while you have it!

Don't search the fault- or blame someone, don't get angry at all - ain't helping (as it never is and never was and never will be...). 

Anger is just rerouting all energy into destructiveness and that's the last you need in any situation.

We cried a lot of tears the last weekend and hoped and prayed, remembered and wished.

I am deeply moved and proud and to tell you, that sweet Pimpie is back to normal and that Marley is home from the clinic, with a 40cm scar on his shaved belly, he is such a strong fighter, he wants to live and he will!

We were waiting anxiously for him to poop, and he did! I think tonight we will happily celebrate a small turd of doggy poop. :)

If you would have ever told me doggy poop would make me cry from happiness I would have not believed you, …

Yes, Dear life - challenge accepted!