Do All Things happen for a Reason?

This morning I missed my Yoga class by 3 minutes… I came out of the subway and walked in the wrong direction. It was still dark (6.45am), raining and incredibly windy, I had my hood on, did't see much.
I asked a guy which street Christopher Street was, he pointed it out and I just started walking... it didn't appear to me, that the street might not go only East, but also West. When I realized I was not getting to my Yoga studio, I had walked at least 5 blocks in the wrong direction. Sigh. I ran all the way until I got to 6th Av and 10th St. I ran upstairs, but the doors were closed. Damn!

Instead of getting pissed and angry, I decided to buy paper and a pen, get a coffee, sit down at Starbucks and write my daily entry about what just happened… and simply hit the next Yoga Class instead of going home.

I believe neither in fate nor in coincidences. I believe that everything that happens to us is created by our own thoughts, dreams, wishes, fears and insecurities.
In every situation in your life you can decide if you are reacting positive or negative. And whatever direction you go for, is what you will attract and create for yourself.

When you spend a lot of time with being negative, worrying, complaining and dwelling in your fears, you will be constantly confronted with them. You are feeding them with you time and your energy keeping them present. I think that our thoughts create our lives and that you will attract what you think about -  equally important, what you speak about.
If thoughts create our lives, then words are the only way of communicating our thoughts. Think of it, you can not focus on what you want and be happy, love, make others happy and in return being loved - when you are complaining, negative, fearful or angry.

Today it seems to be so much easier to complain and be negative, because a lot of people connect through their negative experiences. Negative experiences seem on the first view to have so much more depth then positive experiences do. As well as negative people seem to be so such deep and soulful people. When they open up to you with their drowning stories and frustrating live experiences you often feel honored for their trust and feel the urgent need to help them and make them feel better.

And on the other hand a positive, happy person might seem shallow. Specially when you never thought about this topic. I speak from my own experience. Trust me.         But it takes so much strength and containment to be happy, loving and positive at all times - versus blabbering complaints out all day long, infecting other people with your negativity.

So lets say, if you are mastering being a positive person, giving out love and happiness, knowing what you want, having dreams - it would mean that you can create your life with your positive thoughts in the exact direction you want it to develop.
For you future wishes and dreams to come true (please don't forget that your wishes are always intertwined with the wishes of other people) the universe has a whole lot of shifting to do.
And maybe sometimes you don't understand what is happening and why, because a situation seems to turn bad for you (missing a train, or a class, getting lost, coming late, have someone yell at you, … ) but in the truth the universe is doing all that shifting to get you what you are wishing for.

I missed class today, that's why I wrote this entry, I had a fantastic class a bit later, had an interesting conversation with Meagan and Alyssa, got my eyebrows threaded, gave a homeless my last 2 dollars, had a laugh with a man on the street and complimented a girl in the subway.

So, do all things happen for a reason?

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