When you know that you Truly Belong

(an acknowlegement to a city and everyone in it)

Oh boy, where do I start? I have have the feeling if I don't write something my head is either imploding or exploding shortly.  The City of NY and I have a very honest and genuine love relationship. "How's that possible?" are you asking - and to be honest I kept asking myself the same question over and over …  until I decided to just appreciate this fact and be grateful for it.
Since I stepped out of the plane and touched New Yorker ground everything keeps falling into place. Encounters I have,  friends I see after a long time or I'm actually staying in touch with or friends who are visiting at the same time, "coincidences" that are happening, how I find everything I need - when I need it,  inspiration I get, things I learn about myself (physically and mentally) and what I learn about others and not to forget the power, determination, focus and inspiration New York (and the people in it have to offer).
On this trip, I have already met so many people who I haven't seen for longer than 5 years and amazingly it feels with each and everyone like it's just been yesterday.

At the moment I prefer Moksha Yoga over Bikram, and I am going to this very nice studio in Greenwich Village. The Yang Yin Class I took today was probably one of my favorite classes so far.
So I am having a tea after I took a shower, watching people, listening, feeling relaxed, calm, happy, healthy, balanced with a soft smile in my face that feels like it is coming from my inside.

I am looking around and I have the certainty that I truly belong.

Thank you City of New York for loving me so passionately back.
And thank you people in New York (New Yorkers, visitors, friends, everyone)
for making me feel the way I do!

I <3 you