The Myth of the Perfect Man

My dear Ladies,
I - or better we have to talk about men today. Why is it that most of the ladies don't believe in the perfect man? I hear things from you, that I don't really understand...f.ex.: "The hot and handsome ones are assholes and machos" - "You'll never have a good looking man for yourself", - "Sunny boys are all cheaters…." !? And what I understand even less is: out of this deep-routed silly-a** prejudice some of you think you have to date non attractive man…. Really?!?

(I understand where this is coming from - and I headed this direction already for the obvious reasons.
It didn't take long and I could count from 3 backwards until I was mentally slivering over every six-pack in gym, I had to swallow hard over every biceps passing by and had to pull myself with all my mental strength out of my ongoing sex-daydreams - apart from the worst: Being with my nice but not hot boyfriend in bed, catching myself imagining it is my aunties hot gardener or my yoga teacher or my hot ex-boyfriend… disaster! And if you think now you can handle better then, me- go ahead and try. Make your own experience, but don't forget to let me know how it went!)

Maybe you can answer this question for me: Just because you are all beautiful and hot woman, does that in return mean that the gentlemen can't trust your honesty, truthfullness and sincerity either? Do we have to be unfaithful macho-man and macho-woman just because we all look fine?
Don't you think just because beautiful men have options, that they never wanna be with the one other person, building a team, or a family, having someone to share to love and to trust?

I am in the very lucky situation (and yes, I am aware it is an outstanding one) where I can tell you proudly, that I find myself surrounded by perfect men. Yes, that's right... Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, German, Columbian and American. (And to answer your question right away - no, I am not sleeping with all of them.) All beautiful and hot and genuine and smart and good to talk to and to chill out and ask for advice and rely on, …

Ladies, please stop categorizing men… there is always a fair mix of everything. (I'm not saying that hot macho-a***** don't exist, but they are not all the same).
Look, how can you find what you don't believe in? Right, you just don't- you can't see what you don't believe in. Or different: How can a hotnhadsome guy like you and be genuinely interested in you when you don't think he's capable?

Ladies, please believe in the perfect men, they are out there.
I promise!

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