January 24th, New York City, You know you want it!

want it.JPG

Yes I know I want it, you know you want it, we all know we want it, ...this is very important. But I wonder why people keep forgetting what they want? I hear a dear friend of mine constanty complaining, pointing out the negative, talking about his deseases, using very strong language, calling himself, an idiot, ugly, and god knows what not... A lot of my questions will be answeres by sad or negative storys, and when I try to tell him, he says: "Why are constanty supervising me?" Knocked out. Done. Nothing more to say. Appologizing and shuttig up.

3 important lessons learned yesterday:                                                                      Number 1. You can only help to improve who is open for it, otherwise you end up being misunderstood.

Number 2. Using strong language like shit, fuck, horrible, terrible, disgusting, shocking, idiot, asshole tbc..... is just creating more situations for you to keep using these words and feeling that angry. See it this way: if our thoughts create our lives, then words are the only way to communicate our thoughts, what are you doing to yourself (and others) using strong and negative words? Be concious using your words.

Number 3. "You know you want it" don't forget that! Think of what you want , visualize it, share your dreams, positive experiences, make compliments, smile, be gentle and remember if you get angry: "Does this matter a year from now?" If not skip it, smile and save the enerygy for something that's worth it!

So, I'm off to Bikram to neutralize myself! Have a wonderful day!